screenshot of installing FreeDOS

Download FreeDOS 1.3

Download the FreeDOS 1.3 distribution! This contains a bunch of great new features and improvements including: new FreeCOM 0.85a, new Kernel 2043 and an 8086 version with FAT32 support, floppy Edition requires about half as many diskettes, networking, new programs and games, many package updates, updates and improvements to NLS, improved install process, especially with the MBR, support to automatically set the COUNTRY.SYS information, improved CD initialization for the boot media and installed system, … and more!

Need help installing FreeDOS? Watch How to install FreeDOS on VirtualBox on our YouTube channel.

System requirements: Intel CPU · BIOS or UEFI "Legacy" mode · 640kB memory · to install: 20MB hard disk (or larger)

FreeDOS for everyone

Most users should use this to install FreeDOS. We recommend using a PC emulator or virtual machine to install FreeDOS. If you don't want to install, you can boot the LiveCD to try it out. Install extra programs from the BonusCD.

For real hardware

If you want to install FreeDOS on real hardware without a CD-ROM drive, use the FullUSB instead. The LiteUSB installs the same version of FreeDOS, but contains fewer of the extra programs.

For older hardware

If your system doesn't support booting from the LiveCD, try installing with the LegacyCD. This installs the same FreeDOS 1.3, but uses a different boot method. Use the BonusCD to install the extra programs.

For classic hardware

FreeDOS 1.3 includes a floppy-only edition! This edition should run on any original IBM PC system, including the PC, XT, and AT. Provides versions for 720kB, 1.2MB, and 1.44MB floppy disks.

Use a PC emulator

We recommend you use a PC emulator to install FreeDOS. This creates a "virtual machine" that runs inside your operating system, so you can run FreeDOS in a "window." Here are a few emulators we like: