FreeDOS Books

Why We Love FreeDOS

by various contributors

A collection of essays and contributions about how people started working on and using FreeDOS, and why we love FreeDOS. Thanks to everyone who responded to interviews for the ebook.

Get Started with FreeDOS

by Jim Hall

Learn how to use FreeDOS with this collection of how-tos. Includes how to navigate with CD and DIR, how to use the DOS environment, how to write *.BAT files, how to configure FreeDOS, and more. Great for beginners and experts alike.

Writing FreeDOS Programs in C

by Jim Hall · Maxwell J. Peterson, Hanan C. Farah (eds.)

Teach yourself how to write programs with the C programming language. We'll start with simple command line programs, and work our way up to writing a turn-based game.

Using FreeDOS

by Jim Hall · Shareen Mann (ed.)

This book includes how-tos on installing FreeDOS, essays about running DOS applications, and quick reference guides to FreeDOS commands.

23 Years of FreeDOS

by various contributors · Jim Hall, Lauren Holly, Ben Norrman, and Shane Rose (eds.)

These stories are written from different perspectives, such as: How did you discover FreeDOS? What do you use FreeDOS for? and How do you contribute to FreeDOS?"

The FreeDOS Kernel

by Pat Villani

Pat's book explains the construction and operation of DOS-C, which became the FreeDOS kernel. Written in C and with system calls similar to MS-DOS, the FreeDOS kernel provides an excellent source code base for experimentation.