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FreeDOS Email Lists

These are the official email lists for FreeDOS, and where most FreeDOS developers communicate with each other. Email lists are email addresses which send email to all users subscribed to the list. Sending an email to a list reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and helping other users with their questions. We have only a few rules about posting to the email lists.


Do you have a question about FreeDOS, or need help installing? Freedos-user is the place for general FreeDOS discussion.
See also: Mail-archive


Are you interested in writing programs for FreeDOS? Freedos-devel is for developers, developers, developers!
See also: Mail-archive and


Do you want to contribute to the FreeDOS kernel? Freedos-kernel is aimed at FreeDOS kernel developers.
See also: Mail-archive and

FreeDOS Forums

If you're looking to connect with other DOS and FreeDOS users, you might be interested in one of these unofficial forums for discussion. Forums are like message boards. You can post a question, and come back later to see if someone has answered it. Or you can use chat, a real-time, text-based form of communication with multiple people in an open channel. You will need a chat client.

FreeDOS @ Slack

An open discussion and collaboration forum on the Slack platform. Dedicated to FreeDOS. Also has feeds from FreeDOS News.

DOS Ain't Dead

This forum started as a support board for Bttr-software customers. It has evolved into a general discussion board for all DOS-compatible operating systems on x86 computers.

FreeDOS and DOS

This forum at hosts all kinds of discussion about FreeDOS, and DOS systems in general.

Usenet groups like this one provide structured access to a number of knowledgeable and helpful DOS users.


General discussion about DOS and MS-DOS. When we first started, most of our discussion was on this Usenet group.


A place to ask and answer questions about programming for DOS and MS-DOS. Everything discussed here should also apply to FreeDOS. ##freedos

Join us on Internet Relay Chat, a common method to chat with others on the Internet.