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Writing FreeDOS Programs in C

by Jim Hall

Maxwell J. Peterson, Hanan C. Farah (eds.)

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Writing FreeDOS Programs in C
Writing FreeDOS Programs in C (2020)

Patrons get more

This web programming guide started out as a video series on YouTube, supported through Patreon. Patrons at the "C programming" level and above (Patreon) got access to these extras:

  • Early access to the "C programming" videos
  • Exclusive access to the rest of the "programming guide" with more detail and information that didn't make it into the videos
  • A weekly Patreon forum to ask questions about that week's "C programming" topics (if you were following along with the videos and need help, this was the place to ask)
  • After the video series was finished, I edited the programming guide into a "teach yourself programming" book, via publishing partner Lulu. Patrons can purchase the book at cost—that's a big savings from the general cover price for a finished book